Mr Hopp's Playhouse

Mr Hopp’s Playhouse Walkthrough and All Endings

Today we’re playing Mr Hopp’s Playhouse Walkthrough and we’re here to help you complete this fun adventure game that can be had from the iOS and Android app stores. Mr. Hopp’s Playhouse – Apps on Google Play. Needing some help to complete the game or just want to see other endings? Read on.

Created by PhatMojo this is a truly terrifying game, Just look at the game art. We all have the one toy that use the scare the life out of us.. now what if it came to life?

Play as a young girl named Ruby who simply fears this toy called mr hopp that was given to her by her late grandmother. But things take a turn when normally the teddy would sit there motionless come to life? What comes next is up to you.

Mr Hopp’s Playhouse Walkthrough and All Endings

Video uploaded by BalanceStone.

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