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NBA Champions Word Search Answers

Folks, We’re solving the NBA Champions Word Search Answers to all levels and packs. Solved is the NBA Champions Word Search Pro Answers and NBA Champions Word Search Puzzle Answers. If you’re stuck trying to figure out how to get past this pack and level, Use our walkthrough game guide below to get all the possible solutions you need.

This is a word trivia game which can be downloaded for free from the App Stores of your choosing. Check our solutions below and don’t forget to check back at AppAnswering for more.

NBA Champions Word Search Answers


Anime Subculture Word Search Answers

The Best Word Games For iOS

Again, some fiddly games and difficult puzzles that result in a lot of unwarranted energy use. Each app has different features, but many don’t go far enough toward putting content into the hands of a consumer who still may not have the requisite knowledge and skill to maximize the games. The goal in this guide is to provide illustrations, best use examples, and insights onto the best word games for our category. Once set within our navigation panel, you will be able to select a category to get your new point of view view on best word games for Android. You can even browse the best word games for every mobile OS–again, kind of an unnecessary piece of multitasking heaven if there ever was one. When in doubt, take a look at our full review of the top word games for the iOS platform. There, you can find all the best word games for iOS. (Be sure to click on the iOS link in the navigation panel to see the most recent list, no download restrictions.)

Best Mobile Word Games

These are the games that are most fun and engrossing. Most featuring as much originality as any of the desktop best ever crafted.

– Most Playable Words – Apple Games – Yes

‏ – Top OS Versions – – Yes

‏ – Most Popular Games – – Yes


So, you think nothing’s quite as good as WordSmith? You’ll be disappointed. The iPad version has recently been ported to iPhone, Android, and even PC in full featured mode. The Web browser application allows you to practice your vocab by free linking from any web article, pasting text from selected websites, scribbling notes on the desktop, or even importing text from a text file. It’s easy to upload your own text or the whole HTML document. You’ll even be able to preview words that you see or are learning in WordSmith’s browser window, allowing you to add a font, color, and appearance tweak, or even turn any word into a colloquial phrase (you’ll just have to write it yourself). It’s also worth noting that the iWordSmith app has worked on both the iPhone and Android platforms for a reasonable amount of time and is excellent when it comes to a variety of lessons (it’s definitely tested well).

– Key Features – – Yes

‏ – Pros

‏ – Cons –

‏ – Limited Support –

‏ – Cost – – Yes

8 WordBest

8 WordBest limits the number of words you can learn at any given time to 30 but with the learning dictionary of 500(!) including hundreds of updated definitions in the simple and flexible card games that dominate the app, not to mention the cute little abbreviations established in the app’s card game, $0 is really not too much to pay for a flashcard app once you get the feel for it. The tablet version includes tracking of words learned and practiced as well as cards for lecture cards, mandarin word, and bonus games like my next column, magic four-letter word and problem word. It’s ideal for learners who just want to read and yet are inclined to practice. Unfortunately, it does become rather difficult to be able to communicate and understand what you have learned with real language pairs if you aren’t also able to practice these offline by reviewing what you have learned correctly and writing it down (or for that matter, spicing up your word lists with the latest short word lists). Regardless of the limitations, the quality is quite high.

– Key Features – – Yes –

‏ – Pros –

‏ – Cons

‏ – Limited Support –

‏ – Cost – – Yes


Mental is a mobile app that utilizes a cursory element to allow users to learn new words and check them off a list of words wrong. It’s easy to use and easy to expand, even for children as young as 4. However, it does suffer from some learning issues, namely that there are no daily and weekend limits on the list. You can actually tone it down too by connecting it to WordExpress, creating a battery-charged Hong Kong housewife’s dictionary. With that keyboard, users might as well be reciting their vocabulary words rather than learning them. If you’re not planning on using mobile instruction, this app is a fun way to get to know words you haven’t used in a while.

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