Are you after the New York Times Crossword Answers – Monday September 30 2019 and Solutions, Cheats and Solutions? We come to you and bring you the full walkthrough game guide to help you solve these tricky and fun game solutions.

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Here’s the New York Times Crossword Answers – Monday September 30 2019 and Solutions Walkthrough game guide, Solutions and Cheats below.

Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Monday September 30, 2019. $ – DOLLAR ‘Like I told you!’ – AHA ‘O.K., got it’ – ISEE ‘Sisters’ co-star Tina – FEY ‘That’s just wrong!’ – NOTSO Ace’s value, at times – ONE Acorn-producing trees – OAKS Action accompanied by a ‘Mwah!’ – AIRKISS Actionable misdeed – TORT Adam’s madam – EVE Adorable sort – CUTIE Bash a bug repellent brand? – BLASTOFF Bash a laundry room brand? – RIPTIDE Bash an Alex Haley classic? – PUTDOWNROOTS Bash some small trucks? – TRASHPICKUPS Bash some tobacco holders? – PANPIPES Biggest of the Three Bears – PAPA Bill Clinton’s 1996 opponent – BOBDOLE Bills with Alexander Hamilton – TENS Brownie ___ mode – ALA Bullring cheers – OLES Calf-roping rope – LASSO Cause of a Mar. clock change – DST Chameleon or iguana – REPTILE Chopped – HEWED Classic TV brand – RCA Clubs at a country club – IRONS Connect to an electrical outlet – PLUGIN Data holder put into a drive – CDROM Den – LAIR Diamond Head’s island – OAHU Disavow – DENY Down Under hopper – ROO Fast-food chain with a cowboy hat logo – ARBYS Features of peacock tails – SPOTS Functions – USES Game on an 8×8 board – CHESS Gator’s cousin – CROC GPS suggestion: Abbr – RTE Clues – Answers Have a feeling – SENSE Improvement, as in the economy – UPTURN Island with a lagoon – ATOLL John who arrived on the Mayflower – ALDEN Lake ___ (what separates Ohio and Ontario) – ERIE Like some bagels and newlyweds – TOASTED Malia Obama’s sister – SASHA Marry on the cheap, say – ELOPE Mined find – ORE Monica in the International Tennis Hall of Fame – SELES NaCl – SALT Name on a 24-Across container – MORTON Nonkosher sandwiches, for short – BLTS Particle that’s positive or negative – ION Peter of ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ – OTOOLE Player at Baltimore’s Camden Yards – ORIOLE Prepared for planting – TILLED Rachel Maddow’s channel – MSNBC Skips over – OMITS Slices of time – ERAS Slugging stat – RBI Small town – BURG Some hearty steaks – TBONES Some HP products – PCS Something a prospector stakes – CLAIM Sophs. in two years – SRS Strikebreaking worker – SCAB Telltale evidence of a shark – FIN Tibetan beast of burden – YAK Type of clean energy – SOLAR Vice-presidential family of the 1990s – GORES Wardrobe supplies for Batman – CAPES Water birds with haunting cries – LOONS Went on horseback – RODE White House V.I.P – POTUS Winner’s two-finger gesture – VSIGN Woman whose name is an anagram of MIRA – IRMA You need to sit down for this – LAP ___ vera – ALOE