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Here’s the New York Times Crossword Answers – Saturday September 28 2019 and Solutions Walkthrough game guide, Solutions and Cheats below.

Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Saturday September 28, 2019. ‘Nothing’s broken’ – IMFINE ‘Yo’ follower – SOY Aces up one’s sleeve, so to speak – SECRETWEAPONS Attractive, colloquially – PURTY Base of kabayaki – EEL Benefit – AVAIL Big exports of Sri Lanka – SPICES Big nights – EVES Brilliance – GLARE Center of the symbol of the Illuminati – EYE Chap – LAD Children’s classic with the line ‘It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer’ – CHARLOTTESWEB Clinton of politics – DEWITT Comedian Shaffir – ARI Crop grown in paddies – TARO Defensive football stat: Abbr – INT Didn’t lie completely still, say – STIRRED Exploits – USES Final Four airer in even years – TBS Get a second opinion from – REPOLL Gets to the point? – TAPERS Goof – ERR Hatcher of plots? – TERI Hit FX police drama of 2002-08 – THESHIELD In which you might see an exchange of bishops – SYNOD Includes, in a way – CCS It may be measured in gallons – HAT It might be taken to the pound – REPO Japanese instrument with 17 bamboo pipes – SHO Jimmy, for one – LEVER Jobs for speech coaches – LISPS Look (into) – DELVE Clues – Answers Minor annoying issues – NITS Niña accompanier – PINTA Non-pros – ANTIS NSFW – LEWD On the topic of – INRE Ones in funny shorts – STOOGES Ones on a diet – LEGISLATORS Painful proceeding – SLOG Part of an exchange – TAT Pet sounds – MEWS Place to buy a 16-Down – PATISSERIE Pool facility – SPA Printing samples – TEARSHEETS Really hot, in slang – ENFUEGO Reuters competitor – UPI Service launched on April Fool’s Day in 2004 – GMAIL Something a Mao suit lacks – LAPEL Songs sailors sing – SEASHANTIES Sound made while sinking into a hot tub – AAAH Stock in a brewery – BEERBARRELS Street food prepared on a rotisserie – SHAWARMA Subj. of many an after-school class – ESL Sweet treat depicted in this puzzle’s grid – SWISSROLL Tidy – CLEANUP Title creature in an Aesop fable – HARE Toss about – STREW Union busters? – DIVORCEPAPERS Unit of light – LUMEN Verb after vous – ETES Wallis ___, Time magazine’s first Woman of the Year – SIMPSON Winner of the 1955 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry – WALLACESTEVENS Word seen 11 times in the opening line of ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ – WAS