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Here’s the New York Times Crossword Answers – Thursday November 7 2019 and Solutions Walkthrough game guide, Solutions and Cheats below.

Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Thursday November 7, 2019. ‘Can I get an ___?’ – AMEN ‘Get going already!’ – HOPONIT ‘Happy Days’ character played by Marion Ross, informally – MRSC 100 céntimos – PESETA 100 kurus – LIRA 9 to 5, e.g – ODDS A Bobbsey twin – FLOSSIE Actress Suvari – MENA Ad word often written with an exclamation point – NEW Agreed – SAIDYES Alternatives to Krogers and Safeways – IGAS Big fantasy sports betting site – FANDUEL Blatant falsehood – TOTALLIE Bundle up – BALE Character in ‘Friends’ – SILENTI Character voiced by Samuel L. Jackson in ‘The Incredibles’ – FROZONE College city on I-35 – AMES Colorado city on the Rio Grande – ALAMOSA Country music’s ___ Young Band – ELI Criticized severely – SAVAGED Détente issue – TESTBAN Drinks in flutes – MIMOSAS Engine part that distributes lubrication evenly – OILRING Enter quickly – DASHIN Family nickname – GRANNIE First-magnitude star in Cygnus – DENEB Former Indiana arena that hosted four Final Fours – RCADOME Gas giant – MOBIL George’s mother on ‘Seinfeld’ – ESTELLE Gets a six-pack, say – TONESUP Half-assed sort? – MULE Hall-of-Fame coach Ewbank – WEEB Handy guy – MRFIXIT Highlights of some political campaigns – DEBATES In poorer financial shape, say – WORSEOFF Investment inits – IRA Clues – Answers Kind of kind – NICEISH Military band – SASH Mutated gene – ALLELE Nitrogen compound – AZOLE One born on a kibbutz – SABRA One tapped for a stage show? – SHOE Onetime British band whose name consists of letters suggesting ‘bliss’ – XTC Online buster of myths – SNOPES Park place? – LOT Pitching no-nos – BALKS Pittance – SOU Prow’s place – HULL Rastafari messiah – SELASSIE Rock band with the 1988 #1 hit ‘Need You Tonight’ – INXS Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse player, for short – CAV Roguish – SLY Sealing wax ingredient – LAC Senate majority leader between Dole and Daschle – LOTT Singled or doubled – GOTAHIT Sold for – FETCHED Something everyone on earth experiences – GFORCE Spicy finger food – HOTWINGS Squirt – TOT Still being developed – INUTERO Stimpy, on ‘The Ren & Stimpy Show’ – MANXCAT Swimmer with big calves – ORCA Tako, on a sushi menu – OCTOPUS They can be used as icebreakers – SHIPS Trick – WILE United – ASONE Walter ___, 1950s-’70s Dodgers manager – ALSTON Weak-___ – KNEED Whole bunch – SLEW Wooded valleys – DELLS Words declining an invitation – ICANTGO ___ Ingalls Wilder, author of ‘Little House on the Prairie’ – LAURA