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Here’s the New York Times Crossword Answers – Wednesday January 1 2020 and Solutions Walkthrough game guide, Solutions and Cheats below.

Here are the answers to New York Times Crossword puzzles Wednesday January 1, 2020. Cross my heart!’ – NOLIE ‘It’s green and slimy’ and ‘It tastes like the ocean’? – KELPREVIEWS ‘Jeez, I did NOT need to know that!’ – TMI ‘Sounds exciting,’ sarcastically – OHFUN ‘With this ring, I ___ wed’ – THEE ‘___ mío!’ (Spanish cry) – DIOS Accumulated, as expenses – RANUP Actor Edward James ___ – OLMOS Animal relative of a hinny – MULE Be a hermit, say – LIVEALONE Big scare of a couple of decades ago … or a phonetic hint to this puzzle’s theme – YTK Black tea variety – PEKOE Bring up … or something that might be brought up – REAR Brouhaha – ADO Ciaos at luaus – ALOHAS Climate agreement city – PARIS Climax in ‘Hamilton’ – DUEL Commercial follower of ‘-o-‘ – RAMA Complained angrily and loudly – RAISEDHELL Crushing setback – BLOW Deadlocked – EVEN Delicacy in a tiny spoon – CAVIAR Diluted – WEAK Dr. ___, film enemy of Austin Powers – EVIL Dunderhead – ASS Employer of nurse sharks? – MAKOCLINIC Fictional sport whose rules are invented during play – CALVINBALL Fig. in the form XXX-XX-XXXX – SSN First verb in the Lord’s Prayer – ART Five-time Pro Bowl receiver Welker – WES Fruit from an orchard – PEARS Fruit in some gin – SLOE Give in (to) – ACCEDE Having a body mass index over 30, medically – OBESE Having renown – FAMED Itinerary word – VIA Jokey parts of prank calls, often – FAKENAMES Knife – STAB Clues – Answers Knot-___ (scout’s skill) – TYING Late Saudi journalist Khashoggi – JAMAL Laudatory lines – ODES Less colorful – PALER Levi’s alternatives – LEES Message on a candy heart – ILUVU Name spelled out in a Kinks hit – LOLA Necessity for life, chemically speaking – HTO Nerd’s goal on a dating app? – FINDINGDORK Not as bright – DENSER One of 17 Monopoly properties: Abbr – AVE Own (up) – FESS Pages (through) – LEAFS Pointy bill or tail feathers? – ENDOFSTORK Pops, to tots – DADAS Presidential advisory grp – NSC Promoter of Teacher Appreciation Week: Abbr – NEA Really needs a bath, say – REEKS Sarge’s superior – LOOIE Sci-fi travelers, for short – UFOS Seal the deal – ICEIT Sellout show inits – SRO Sign away – WAIVE Site of the fall of man – EDEN Something a bride or groom might acquire – INLAW State of mind – HEADSPACE Storied toymakers – ELVES Super-duper – AONE Supreme leaders – OVERLORDS T.A.’s overseer – PROF Things that might make one cry ‘Foul!’? – ODORS Times New Roman alternative – ARIAL Traditional wedding wear, for some – KILT Trim – CLIP Unidentified person, in slang – RANDO What ‘choosy moms choose,’ in ads – JIF Yodeler’s peak – ALP ___ Claire, Wis – EAU