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Here’s the Crossword Answers – Saturday September 28 2019 and Solutions Walkthrough game guide, Solutions and Cheats below.

Here are the answers to Crossword puzzles Saturday September 28, 2019. ‘Mother of the Imams” – FATIMA ”The Princess Diaries” author – MEGCABOT A certain smile – LEER Access/address co – ISP Alternative to Equal – STEVIA Anchorage setting – COVE Appear unmatched – GOSTAG Austere calling – MONASTICISM Balm holders – TINS Bar below B – SPACER Being kept up unwillingly – LOSINGSLEEP Bic that might not click – STIC Booker, in brief – SEN Bungler – LUG Cairene, e.g – EGYPTIAN Campus office-hours visitor – ADVISEE Card often trademarked – ACEOFSPADES Common protein-shake ingredient – RAWEGG Concrete, as complaints – SPECIFIABLE County known for its cellars – NAPA Dad joke standby – PUN Debit media – ECHECKS Detract from – MAR End of an opportunistic adage – ISHOT Exploited – MISUSED Fail to keep up – OWE Field trip safety measure – BUDDYSYSTEM First broadcaster to sell streaming – CBS First name of Forester – CECIL Fish seen on a Tokyo DisneySea sub ride – NEMO Flips – GOESBANANAS Flying start – AVI Fowl symbol of Delaware – BLUEHEN Going boldly – PERT Highly quarrelsome – UGLY Clues – Answers Iniciador de conversación – QUEPASA Instruments with spiky tips – CELLOS Irish ancestor – PICT James Fenimore Cooper and classmates – ELIS Jumped off the page? – RAN Lincoln declined its king’s gift of elephants – SIAM Motivations – AIMS Observation level – EYELINE Overnight, say – SENDTO People’s second: Abbr – ADA Pietistic prefix – THEO Prepared for review – DRAFTED Proposal intro – IHAVEANIDEA Put forward – PROVIDE School near the Shrine Auditorium – USC Sharpness – TANG Shortened ways – RDS Skipper’s guide – SEAMAP Solidifies, perhaps – COOLS Sore – PIQUED Speculative prose – ESSAY Sri Lankan language – TAMIL Stop making excuses – FESSUP Tidings – INFO Trepid cry – EEK Upon, in medical lingo – EPI User of Chairside Instructor for clients – DDS Vehicle viewed at Cannes – YACHT Warm-up circuit – PACELAP Weapon against automated enemies – CAPTCHA What a rear window may go up with – RAGTOP Where Karl Marx lived in London – SOHO Word from the Latin for ”pledged” – SPOUSE Work for it – PAYONESDUES __ Street News (brew biz website) – ALE ‘