Peek a Phone Game Level 16 Walkthrough – Environmental Answers

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Peek a Phone Game Level 16 Walkthrough Environmental Level. We’re taking a look at the Peek a Phone Level 16 Walkthrough and Answers to Environmental . This game is all about investigating real life mysteries. Created by Neon Cake Studios, This adventure puzzler takes a real turn for the worst. Download it from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store (Peek a Phone – Investigate Real-Life Mysteries – Apps on Google Play) or even Play Peek a Phone online.

Your job is to return a phone that you found lying on the ground, But it’s your job to find the rightful owner, Are you up for the task? Use your technical skills to investigate and find the owner of this phone. Uncover things that you should probably not have and solve the game.

Peek a phone answers
Peek a phone answers

This is an addicting and realistic mystery puzzle game that will sharpen your mind and get you really thinking outside of the box.

Peek a Phone Game Level 16 Walkthrough – Environmental Answers

  1. Open the Phone app and scroll down. You will see a voicemail. Listen to it and keep note of the color mentioned. Purple
  2. Open the Messages app and read the chat with Sam. To access the Tenalp app the password is the favorite color + his birthyear.
  3. Read the conversation with his sister Chloe and his Dad. You will understand that his birthyear is 1989 so the password for the Tenalp is purple1989.
  4. Open the Tenalp app. The email address is “” (found from the Mail app) and the password is purple1989
  5. Visit the Chat tab and open the chat with Ecofreak. The disarm code is JS81MR4.
  6. The Contacts app is password-protected however in the Notes app it says that the code is the last 4 digits of the gf number. The gf (who bought him the purple tshirt) has the following phone number: 512-555-0120
  7. Open the Internet browser and check the history. You will see the search term “pigpen cypher”. Use your Internet browser to Google it and find a pigpen cypher converter online. The code given at the Messages app from conversation with Spencer means: healthyearth
  8. Open the Mail app and open the email from Mr S which contains the Operation Guide. Use the password we found previously. You will now see the Remote Operation Guide commands and sequences. To disarm you should use DISARM <DISARM CODE> which we found previously.
  9. Open the Contacts and check the Gadget contact. You should text to 512-877-4747 the disarm code DISARM <JS81MR4> and then you will get an text back stating the bomb has been disarmed and the id for the targets list.
  10. The code I received was R5V9QMYQ80 which corresponds with the zip code 20585 (You can find this at the Mail app from the Targets attachment)
  11. That zip code belongs to the US Department of Energy building. We now need to find when will the attack happen.
  12. Open the Tenalp app and click on the Chat tab. See when did Ecofreak activate the bomb. It says March 29 02:32 + 4 days until the detonation.
  13. The attack will happen on April 2 2021 at the US Department of Energy building.

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