Peek a Phone Game Walkthrough – All Levels Solved

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Peek a Phone Game Walkthrough All Levels. We’re taking a look at the Peek a Phone Walkthrough and Answers to all levels. This game is all about investigating real life mysteries. Created by Neon Cake Studios, This adventure puzzler takes a real turn for the worst. Download it from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store (Peek a Phone – Investigate Real-Life Mysteries – Apps on Google Play) or even Play Peek a Phone online.

Your job is to return a phone that you found lying on the ground, But it’s your job to find the rightful owner, Are you up for the task? Use your technical skills to investigate and find the owner of this phone. Uncover things that you should probably not have and solve the game.

Peek a Phone Game
Peek a Phone Game

This is an addicting and realistic mystery puzzle game that will sharpen your mind and get you really thinking outside of the box.

Peek a Phone Game Walkthrough (FULL)

We’re updating the below written walkthrough to reflect the new levels in-game. Please use the links above for an accurate walkthrough to that particular level. Thanks readers!

Peek a Phone Level 1 Introduction Answers:

  • Open the Messages app and then click on the chat with Mom
  • The mom is her about the street name and she responds that it’s Park St
  • Go back and open the Photos app
  • There is one photo, open it and zoom where the door is. You will see the house number 616
  • Go back and click on the Flag as you are now ready to solve the first mission:
  • The address is: Park St 616

Peek a Phone Level 2 Runaway Answers:

  • Click on the Internet app and then click on the URL bar.
  • You can now see all her previous searches. The second search query is “Cheap Hotels in Berlin” which means she is going to Berlin.
  • You can filter the results and if you type “Hotel” then her address will pop up “Hotel Indigo Berlin Address
  • Click on the flag to submit the answer which is: Hotel Indigo Berlin

Peek a Phone Level 3 Secret Recipe Answers:

  • Click on the Messages app and then click on the chat Grandma
  • First hint given is: Year of death of the second president of the US
  • The second president of the United States was John Adams and he died on July 4, 1826
  • Go back to Photos app and put the password 1826
  • Open the image and you will see a cryptogram where each letter represents another one
  • Go back and open the Recipes app
  • The App Recipes is Password Protected and the hint given is: BXPPB so now you can check the letters given with the cryptogram on the photos. The password is: YUMMY
  • You can now check the Secret Biscuits recipe and the secret ingredient is: COCONUT
  • Click on the flag and submit the answer. The secret ingredient is: COCONUT

Peek a Phone Level 4 The Whistleblower Answers:

  • War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. This is the first thing you see on Mission 4. This is one of the slogan’s used in 1984 by the English Socialist Party.
  • Enter the password “1984” to unlock the phone.
  • Open the Photos app and click on the video. At the end of the account you are given the code of his email account which is 1337
  • Go back and open the Email app and enter the code: 1337
  • Open the “Casual” email which contains the Account Information. At the very bottom you can see the password is 123qwe
  • Before going back click on the drop-down arrow in the email address to show the full email for Jamie Lewis which is: j.lewis@my.mail
  • Go back and open the Casual app.
  • Enter the information we found previously: The email address and the password.
  • Click on the Chat icon and open the conversation with Oliver Lewis. He tells you that if you need help you’ll text him the word XERTZ
  • Go back to main screen and open the chat app and then open the conversation with Jamie Lewis.
  • Message him the word XERTZ
  • Message him “Where are you” and he will tell you that he is sick and that he is at 61 Ann Drive
  • Click on the flag and enter the address you found. Jamie Lewis is at: 61 Ann Drive

Peek a Phone Level 5 Gotcha! Answers:

  • Open the Messages app and read the conversation with Eddie Poole.
  • The reservation is under the name “Curtis Vance
  • Go back and open the Email app and then click on the Casual confirmation email.
  • The reference code is PKVQCZ. You can now visit the website QuackTravel.com and on the menu click Manage My Trips.
  • It will ask you for the reference code (PKVQCZ) and also last name “Vance“. (Please note different devices might have different reference codes or last names)
  • Cancel the flight and wait for the phone call from Eddie Poole. Open the video call
  • Eddie will send you a link to an ad on TannersList.com. You should send an email to the address listed on the ad from your real address.
  • Open the News app and click on the latest Breaking News “FBI: The Stroll’s Assistant Exposed”. On the last paragraph you will find that the Stroll has a shark tattoo on his right arm.
  • Go back to the main screen and open the Find Friends app. The hint is my tat so the password is shark
  • Eddie Poole is at Pampa 1851, Rincon de Milberg, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina waiting with his motorcycle.
  • Click on the flag and type the answer. The Stroller is at Pampa 1851

Peek a Phone Level 6 Cheater! Answers:

  • Open the Contacts app and scroll down until you find Notes 🔑 . The code to open the Notes app is 8918
  • Click on the Notes app and then click on the [Draft] message. You see he mentions ever since the camping in the woods so you know he was with someone in the woods other than his wife.
  • Click on the Internet app and filter the last keywords Tyler searched the web. One of the search terms is “How to tell your wife your bisexual“.
  • Open the Messages app and locate the text with Clark Woods. The first text mentions that Tyler and Clark camped together at Mullica river.
  • Click on the flag and type the answer. Tyler’s lover is: CLARK WOODS

Peek a Phone Level 7 Another Phone Return Answers:

  • Open the Smart Home app. You will see that the Home Office camera is dark. You have to turn on the lights however it is password protected. Apparently the owner of the phone forgot to change the default password so click on the operating instructions to see the default password.The default PIN is 1110
  • Now that you have the PIN turn on the lights and then click on the Home Office Camera. Pinch to zoom and you will see a sticker note with the code for the Pizza app. The code is: 3225
  • Open the Pizza app by submitting the code we found earlier and then click on Track My Pizza. Oh no there has been an accident and the drone was destroyed.
  • Open the Local News app and read the latest news about the Drone Crash in Lakewood. At the very bottom you see address mentioned which is South Robb Street in Lakewood County.
  • Go to the Messages app and read the conversation with Jenny. There is a website mentioned “Settlar.com” so click on the link.
  • Enter the address South Robb in the search bar and click enter. Voila you found the house for sale with the home address of the phone owner.
  • Click on the flag and type your answer. The owner’s home address is: 3620 South Robb Street

Peek a Phone Level 8 Pirates Answers:

  • First and foremost as in every other mission you have to read the conversations in the Messages app because in most of the cases you have important hints and clues there.
  • If you check the conversation with Captain Axe, he tells him not to forget to setup a PIN for the PirateTalk app and he recommends to use the birth year of the famous pirate he loves.
  • Read the conversation with Mother and he mentions the pirate name Ben Pease, who according to Wikipedia was born in 1834
  • Open the PirateTalk app and enter the code you found. In the chat with Mullins he mentions the map is hidden inside the Vault app which is password-protected.
  • Read the chat with Captain Axe where he mentions the Florizel which is the “me-love”. We will use this to open the Notes app which is password-protected.
  • Go to the Photos and open the first photo which contains names and codes for each of the vessels. Florizel has the code 7191
  • Open the Notes app and put the code we just found. You will then see the note that the Vault Password is the other admiral.
  • Open the Pirate Talk app again and read the conversation with Jonas Rattler. Since the admirals get 15% the other admiral is Roach.
  • Open the vault and type the password ROACH. Then open the Treasure Map. You get 2 hints which are Black Star Square and RIP (Cemetary). The loot is hidden in the Christiansborg War Cemetery, Black Star Square in Accra, Ghana.

Peek a Phone Level 9 Mr. X Answers:

  • Swipe to unlock the phone by drawing the X as in the background.
  • Open the Messages app and read the conversation with HQ. He mentions that the Vault password is your favorite Afghan which is a dog breed (Afghan Hound)
  • Open the Calendar app and check the previous appointments. On February 18 2021 you see a note “Vet appointment for Wilbur
  • Open the Vault and enter the password wilbur and then check each of the apps in the vault. You will see the target is a man in a suit.
  • Open the Internet app and see the past search history. The last link is the wscp.gov/awards-2020. Click on it. You will see that the target of Mr. X is the Chief of WSCP aka Tooth.
  • Open the Calendar app and on March 20 2021 it says 10: 17 NOTES so the code to open the Notes inside the Vault is 1017
  • Open the WSCP list inside the Notes app and Tooth has the number 1382.
  • The name of the target is Oliver Merrill, Chief of World-Class Secret Police Organization.

Peek a Phone Level 10 Professor F Answers:

  • Check carefully the badge as it says Big 50 so that means he was born in 1971.
  • Open the Email app and it says showing 5 of many. Search the mail for the term “Exam
  • The PDF is password-protected and the password is the favorite TV Show of Professor Powell and yours. You have to find what’s Professors Powell first name.
  • Open the Photos app and click on the photo where a Professor is presenting. If you zoom in you see the name as B. Powell.
  • Open the Messages app and click on the conversation with Brent. He is the professor we are looking for!
  • Open the Streaming app and check which tv series from My list does Brent also like. The answer is WINTERHEART
  • Open the PDF by using the winterheart password. The solutions for the Final exam are B A B E
  • Click on the flag and submit the correct answers as BABE

Peek a Phone Level 11 Environmental Answers:

  • Open the Phone app and scroll down. You will see a voicemail. Listen to it and keep note of the color mentioned. Purple
  • Open the Messages app and read the chat with Sam. To access the Tenalp app the password is the favorite color + his birthyear.
  • Read the conversation with his sister Chloe and his Dad. You will understand that his birthyear is 1989 so the password for the Tenalp is purple1989.
  • Open the Tenalp app. The email address is “greener@tenalpmail.com” (found from the Mail app) and the password is purple1989
  • Visit the Chat tab and open the chat with Ecofreak. The disarm code is JS81MR4.
  • The Contacts app is password-protected however in the Notes app it says that the code is the last 4 digits of the gf number. The gf (who bought him the purple tshirt) has the following phone number: 512-555-0120
  • Open the Internet browser and check the history. You will see the search term “pigpen cypher”. Use your Internet browser to Google it and find a pigpen cypher converter online. The code given at the Messages app from conversation with Spencer means: healthyearth
  • Open the Mail app and open the email from Mr S which contains the Operation Guide. Use the password we found previously. You will now see the Remote Operation Guide commands and sequences. To disarm you should use DISARM <DISARM CODE> which we found previously.
  • Open the Contacts and check the Gadget contact. You should text to 512-877-4747 the disarm code DISARM <JS81MR4> and then you will get an text back stating the bomb has been disarmed and the id for the targets list.
  • The code I received was R5V9QMYQ80 which corresponds with the zip code 20585 (You can find this at the Mail app from the Targets attachment)
  • That zip code belongs to the US Department of Energy building. We now need to find when will the attack happen.
  • Open the Tenalp app and click on the Chat tab. See when did Ecofreak activate the bomb. It says March 29 02:32 + 4 days until the detonation.
  • The attack will happen on April 2 2021 at the US Department of Energy building.

Peek a Phone Level 12 The Game Answers:

  • Go to the Messages app and read all the conversations.
  • Open “The Game” and start solving each of the levels.
  • You can find the answer to Level 1 in the Messages app (which is LOL)
  • Level 2 is written in Gujarati script (As seen in the Notes app) and the translation is: 87149
  • Level 3 who sings the song Baby Light My Fire (The Answer is The Doors)
  • In Level 4 you have to follow the letters in the maze and the hidden word is: ROTATOR
  • In Level 5 you have to find the seedless watermelon which is at: 16K
  • The Old State house was built in 1713. Open Google Maps to find the street number which is: 201
  • To wake up Kylee Allen from her deep sleep you should say the word: AVOCADO

Peek a Phone Level 13 Dirty Secrets Answers:

  • The Notes app is password-protected and the code is Daughter’s birthday + son’s birthday (MMDD).
  • Go to the Photos app and scroll down where the son is celebrating his birthday. The picture was taken on February 20,2021 so 0220 is the number we need.
  • To find the daughter’s birthday we have to first find her name. Go to the Email app and open the Pillar Banks Inc email. Sherrod has transferred money to her daughter Monica Anna Cantwell.
  • By reading the messages between Sherrod and his wife we understand that he only calls his daughter on her birthday. Open the Phone app and see when did he call Monica. He called her on January 27 so the number we need is 0127.
  • Open the Notes app and enter the code 0347 (we got this number by adding the daughter birthday + the son’s birthday so 0127 + 0220 = 0347
  • The secret app password inside the Notes app is 80085
  • Go to the Email app and filter the messages by typing “Secrt“. You will see an email with the subject “Welcome to SecRt!”. It explains how you can access the Secret App inside the Calculator.
  • Open the Calculator app and type 80085÷
  • You have the Authenticator app which will be used to transfer money to the orphanage. Use your real phone to send a message to 202-519-1478. The message should be something like RECYCLE $10000 “The Orphanage Account Number” “The Authenticator Number”.
  • In my case I sent the following text Recycle $10000 79182 717670 and I got a message back saying Recycled 3424F88. Use that number to solve the mission.

Peek a Phone Level 14 Riddlemaker Answers:

  • Open the Notes app and you are given a note. That is an acrostic puzzle where you have to use the first letters from each sentence. In our case the word formed is GORY
  • Open the Second app and enter the password gory. You will then see a photo. The picture represents the dancing men cypher. Use an online decoder to find the hidden message. The last 4 red letters mean DEAD.
  • Open the Third app. Close one eye and tilt the phone to look from the charger hole. “Oh Yes There Will Be Blood” and the code is 3141592
  • Open the Last app and you have a creepy image with the numbers 1+2-3. This represents each of the apps in the home screen. So open the first app (Notes) you have the number 43 + 81 (open the second app and on the bottom left photo you have the number). Then substract the Third app number which is 6 equals 118

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