Peek a Phone Game Walkthrough

Peek a Phone Game Walkthrough – All Levels Solved

Peek a Phone Game Walkthrough All Levels. We’re taking a look at the Peek a Phone Walkthrough and Answers to all levels. This game is all about investigating real life mysteries. Created by Neon Cake Studios, This adventure puzzler takes a real turn for the worst. Download it from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store (Peek a Phone – Investigate Real-Life Mysteries – Apps on Google Play) or even Play Peek a Phone online.

Your job is to return a phone that you found lying on the ground, But it’s your job to find the rightful owner, Are you up for the task? Use your technical skills to investigate and find the owner of this phone. Uncover things that you should probably not have and solve the game.

Peek a Phone Game
Peek a Phone Game

This is an addicting and realistic mystery puzzle game that will sharpen your mind and get you really thinking outside of the box.

Peek a Phone Game Walkthrough

  1. 616 Peek St
  2. Hotel Indigo
  3. Photos Code: 1826 – Recipes Code: yummy – Answer: Coconut
  4. Passcode: 1984 – Email Code: 1337 – Casual: j.lewis@my.mail Pass: 123qwe – Message Jamie: XERTZ – Answer: 61 Ann Drive
  5. Visit
    Enter: NCQQEM Last Name: Vance
    Cancel Trip
    Wait for Phone Call
    Click Link to
    Email the email on the job ad using your real email.
    Open Find my Friends App, Enter code: Shark
    Answer is: Pampa
  6. Unlock Notes app using code: 8918
    Answer: Clark
  7. PirateTalk Pin: 1834
    Open Notes App Using Code: 7191 –  Boat = Florizel which = 7191 According to the Photo
    Vault Password is the other admiral who is: Roach
    Treasure Map Refers to Black Star Square, Googling it, You’ll Find a cemetery just north of this place which is, OSU Cemetery.
  8. Using the badge on the professor as a clue, Being 50. He’s born in 1971, This is passcode.
    Search the Email app for ‘Exam’, Download the Exam
    Password is: Winterheart
    Test Answers: BABE

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