Physicist Georg Blank Crossword Clue Puzzle Answers

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Physicist Georg Blank Crossword Clue Puzzle

OHM German physicist Georg
ORNE Physicist Georg
DARWINISOHM Declaration that naturalist Charles and physicist Georg are the same person?
EINSTEIN A German saint and a German physicist
GEORG German physicist Ohm
GAUSS Eponymous German physicist
M I E Gustav ___: German physicist, 1869-1957
PLANCK German physicist (6)
ROENTGEN Right note, wrong information for German physicist
L A U E German physicist
FAHRENHEIT Temperature scale named after German physicist (10)
ZORN Max ___, German physicist (4)
HE IN RICH HERTZ German physicist for whom a frequency unit is named
WEBER Unit of magnetic flux named for a German physicist
HANS — Geiger, German physicist after whom an instrument measuring ionizing radiation is named (4)
GEIGER German physicist who developed the Geiger counter (1882-1945).
HERTZ Unit of frequency – German physicist, d. 1894 (5)
MAX PLANCK German physicist who first formulated the quantum theory (3,6)
ERSATZ German physicist dismissing source of heat, accepting it as fake
NERNST German physicist who developed the third law of thermodynamics

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