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Proper Wager Crossword Clue Answers

Proper Wager Crossword Clue Answers All Puzzles. We’re today solving all the possible combinations to help you complete this tricky crossword clue. Whether you’re playing crosswords on mobile, desktop, pc, newspaper or a book. We’ve got all the solutions to help you complete your crossword journey.

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Proper Wager Crossword Answers

Rank Word Clue
95% BET Proper wager
3% PRIM Stiffly proper
3% FITTING Right or proper
3% SIDEBET Secondary wager
3% STAKE Wager
3% UNSEEMLY Not proper
2% GAMBLER Good author of thrillers, I’ll wager
2% PAMPER Nero’s not included in proper names for baby?
2% SPANISHLESSON Spread with soup, sole, shins – and with this, the makings of a proper paella?
2% TARA Last proper name in ”Gone with the Wind”
2% INSIDEBET Certain roulette wager … or what 16-, 23-, 37- or 56-Across has?
2% BETA Wager placed by a very old character
2% ARRANGED Put in proper order
2% RUDE Not displaying proper manners
2% SEDUCE Entice away from proper behaviour
2% OPERA Work in proper attire
2% DUE Proper contest shortened
2% LAYABET Wager
2% BEH Wager

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