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Short Appearance by a Celebrity Crossword Clue Answers

Yes for you, Short Appearance by a Celebrity Crossword Clue Answers. Taken straight from Daily Themed Crosswords comes this tricky yet rather simple crossword clue that will surprise you when you find out exactly what it is. One great clue is Short Appearance by a Celebrity for Answers.

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Short Appearance by a Celebrity Crossword Answers

CAMEO Short appearance by a celebrity
GLEAM Brief appearance by male model after midnight (5)
CAME ON Brief appearance by Pynchon finally was aired (4,2)
LOOKALIKE Double appearance by a liberal U.S. president (9)
CAP Sports: appearance by a player in an international match (3)
NOBU Restaurant chain founded by a celebrity chef
LIAISON Affair where one is embraced by a celebrity (7)
EMANATE Film by a celebrity raised issue
AUTOGRAPH Signature given by a celebrity? (9)
FAUXMANCE Act put on by a celebrity couple to get free publicity
STARSHIP TROOPERS 1959 novel about the cool state police officers employed by a celebrity?
AIR GUN Appearance by George with a Continental firearm (6)
ENTRANCED Captivated by first appearance by daughter
FRAPPE Loud knocker cut short, appearing chilled (6)

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