Crossword Clue Answers

Stay Briefly Crossword Clue Answers

Today we’re solving Stay Briefly Crossword Clue Answers. Taken straight from Daily Themed Crosswords comes this tricky yet rather simple crossword clue that will surprise you when you find out exactly what it is. One great clue is Stay Briefly for Answers.

Downloading a crossword game is as simple as getting onto the app stores and searching for your favourite game. Whether or not you’re an avid worder or just starting out, You’ll enjoy this. Jump start your vocabulary or keep your brain powering with these fun word games that also have a little joy in them.

Stay Briefly Crossword Answers

IN AND OUT Staying but briefly
STOPPED Was staying, but didn’t go on doing so (7)
RESIDE Stay but desire otherwise (6)
REMAINDERS They wanted to stay, but accept democratic surpluses (10)
ATOM BOMB PROJECT Los Alamos Lab activity of the forties, but it was closely, but briefly, connected to Manitoba?
CONJ If, and or but, briefly
THO But, briefly
FLASH Shine brightly but briefly (5)
SNATCH Wild chants heard but briefly
SYNC Make it happen simultaneously, but briefly? (4)
THOROUGH Complete but briefly uneven (8)
GLEAMED Shone brightly but briefly
DISCO “Staying Alive” music

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