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The Ice Storm Movie Crossword Clue Answers

Solved for you, The Ice Storm Movie Crossword Clue Answers. Taken straight from Daily Themed Crosswords comes this tricky yet rather simple crossword clue that will surprise you when you find out exactly what it is. One great clue is The Ice Storm Movie for Answers.

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The Ice Storm Movie Crossword Answers

A N G ‘The Ice Storm’ director Lee
POUR Serve the iced tea
SERVICE ‘The ices Rev distributed for an act of public worship (7)’
ICERS They put the frosting on the cakes
ICES Puts the frosting on the cake
ICE Put on the frosting
LEE “The Ice Storm” director
ANG LEE “The Ice Storm” director
KEVIN KLINE Star of “The Ice Storm”
ROYAL STAG Men-only party in The Palace perhaps is the icing on the cake for one of those in The Park (5,4)
INHALE Take the air during ice storm, do you say? (6)
ISOMETRIC One ice storm spread, having the same shape (9)
IS ON “When the frost ___ the punkin and the fodder’s in the shock…”
HIGH TIER The top storey being the icing on the cake (4,4)
HIGH SPOT … the top storey being the icing on the cake (4,4)
FROSTER He puts the icing on the cake

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