The Last Sovereign Walkthrough

The Last Sovereign Walkthrough by Sierra Lee

Wanting the The Last Sovereign Walkthrough to all parts? We’ll help you complete this game created by Sierra Lee. You may’ve stumbled upon the game from the-new-lagoon and if so you may have crossed paths with this insanely good looking game called The Last Sovereign.

This is an adult fantasy RPG which will plunge you into a world torn between purity and lust. This game creates some good fun that you won’t find anywhere else. The Harem system gives you the chance to build a diverse harem of very beautiful women, each with their own motivations of wanting to be with you. There’s an expensive world filled with a large cast that will keep you busy for a long time.

When playing you’ll be granted with numerous opportunities to invest in businesses and resources that will ultimately reflect on your story. If you want to play The Last Sovereign Walkthrough, Head on over to The Last Sovereign (

The Last Sovereign Walkthrough

Things to note when playing. Pressing ‘Esc’ will enter you in the menu.
Enemies do not respawn which  means you can only build a limited amount of experience.

Chapter 0 – Prologue

Short intro

  • Grab the 3 chests in this area (the east chest starts a fight) and kill all the roaming monsters, enter the fortress (dialogue choices don’t matter).
  • Kill the orc and loot the red chest
  • Remove the equipment from Kai and Altina before going through the northern door (“Esc”, “Equipment”, select Kai and Altine “clear”).
  • Go through the door and lose terribly against Riala.

The “hero” dies.

Cutscene showing all major powers.

 Chapter 1 – Soldier


The story begins


  • Enter your house (northeast) and interact with the map, the letter and the painting before going to bed.
  • Go to the church (east), inside the church grab the chest, fight the 2 sparring soldiers, talk to the northwest succubus named Qum’Dumpe (will be referred to as Qum). After this enter the central room of the church, after a short introduction of your new ‘Chosen’ exit Ferroholm through the west.

Delgar Forest

  • DON’T FIGHT the first monster until you get Aka as your party member. Go slightly east to get Aka in your party, equip your party.
  • Kill the 2 monsters you find in this zone, you can heal your party by talking to the guys in the northeast corner of the camp, proceed through the southeast.
  • Interact with the skeleton for an item and kill the 5 roaming monsters. Enter the cave.
  • Move boulders to proceed, kill the 5 roaming monsters and loot the 2 chests, step into the magic circle once done and kill the boss. Kill the bandits in the room and loot their chest. BEFORE leaving the cave, clear Tal’s equipment.
  • After defeating Tal go back into the forest and into the cave to kill the monsters and pick up the 6 mushrooms to complete the mushrooms quest (old man in the south of camp).
  • Leave the area through the northwest part of the camp.

If you want to read the rest of the walkthrough visit their official link here.

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