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Here’s the The Washington Post Crossword Answers – Sunday November 24 2019 and Solutions Walkthrough game guide, Solutions and Cheats below.

Here are the answers to The Washington Post Crossword puzzles Sunday November 24, 2019. Here are the answers to L.A. Times Crossword puzzles Sunday November 24, 2019. “Ain’t gonna happen!” – NOSIREE “Anne of Green Gables” setting – AVONLEA “Blue-Backed Spelling Book” author – WEBSTER “Frozen” snow queen – ELSA “Glad that’s over!” – WHEW “Proud Mary” pop gp – CCR “Say no more” – STOP “The Rapture of Canaan” novelist Reynolds – SHERI “The Ten Commandments” role – RAMESES “Un Ballo in Maschera” aria – ERITU 2010 World Cup host: Abbr – RSA 2018 Masters champ Patrick – REED Advice to a sinner – ATONE Alternative medicine plant – ALOE Apple since 1998 – IMAC Arabian Peninsula port – ADEN Area 51 creatures, it’s said – ETS Assess – LEVY Bee-eater’s prey – WASP Biodegrade – ROT Braggart’s comeback – CANTOO Brazil map word – RIO Brief period of apathy? – UNMOVINGDAY Brontë governess – EYRE Challenge for a flight attendant – AIRRAGE Chill (with) – HANG Cockney adverb – ERE Committee leader who’s a bit on edge? – UNEASYCHAIR Contaminate – POLLUTE Contest on horseback – TILT Contrail makeup – VAPOR Coward in drama – NOEL Deceptive operation – STING Defense org.? – ABA Difficult times – TRIALS Dig up buried Burma-Shave relics? – UNEARTHSIGNS Do a “Wheel of Fortune” job? – UNCOVERLETTERS Do as Vassar did in 1969 – GOCOED Doggie bag treat – TBONE Eligibility factor – AGE Elm Street surname – KRUEGER Energetic risk-taking type, so it’s said – ARIES Equally eccentric – ASODD Erode – EATAWAY Excel – SHINE Feminine side – YIN Flanged fastener – TNUT Flap – ADO Flight school hurdle – SOLO Flip, in a way – RESELL Flu symptom – AGUE Forward motion – ADVANCE Frat letter – TAU Frustrate – DERAIL Funny Bombeck – ERMA German gent – HERR Grab with a toothpick – STAB Grammy winner Corinne Bailey __ – RAE Guitar amp units – WATTS Huge, to a poet – ENORM Hush-hush meetings – TRYSTS Imposing building – EDIFICE Initial orders? – BLTS Iowa Straw Poll city, once – AMES It has all five black keys in its scale – DFLAT Jeans go-with – TEE Join the game, in a way – ANTE Junkyard fillers – WRECKS King and a Norman – LEARS Learning method – ROTE Lhasa __ – APSO Like frayed laces on hockey skates? – UNFITTOBETIED Clues – Answers Lille lover’s word – AIME Limited offer come-on – ORDERNOW Links rarities – ACES Lofty standards – IDEALS Málaga mlle – SRTA Marner of fiction – SILAS Met works – OPERAS Moody music genre – EMO More eco-conscious – GREENER Morgan of “The Bucket List” – FREEMAN Name change indicator – NEE Negligent – REMISS NOYB part – NONE Often-minced veggie – ONION One and only – SOLE Orthodontist’s concerns – UNSOUNDBITES Overturns – UPENDS Paris abductee – HELEN Part of GPS: Abbr – SYS Passover feast – SEDER Patriotic chant – USAUSA Pets that help with luggage after a trip? – UNPACKANIMALS Pharmacy order – REFILL Pre-BBQ treatment – DRYRUB Pull back, with “in” – REIN Queen’s offspring – ANTS Quran deity – ALLAH Rattle football linemen? – UNNERVECENTERS Really go for – ADORE Regard – ESTEEM Release, with “out” – LET Rinky-dink – CHEESY Road trip expenses – TOLLS Roomba, briefly – VAC Seemingly forever – EON Sgt. played by John Wayne in “Sands of Iwo Jima” – STRYKER Sharif of “Che!” – OMAR Sign __ – LANGUAGE Singles, say – HITS Sistine Chapel mural setting – EDEN Small decision-maker – COIN Some prefer them thin – CRUSTS Some square dancers – GALS Song often sung in Italian – ARIA Spreadsheet filler – DATA Stahl of “60 Minutes” – LESLEY Straddling – ATOP Stretches on the job – STINTS Suffers a sudden decline – TANKS Tail end – REAR Team culled from other teams – ALLSTARS Tech news site – CNET Ten Benjamins – THOU Text addition? – ILE They’re often tapped – KEGS Title after vows, perhaps – MRS Trees with berries – ELDERS TV’s Jim Rockford, for one – TEC Under Cupid’s spell – INLOVE Underlying cause – ROOT URL ending – EDU Vardon Trophy org – PGA Verizon subsidiary – AOL Vineyard measure – ACRE Vital opening? – VEE Waferlike – SLENDER Wet suit material – NEOPRENE What stars may represent – RATING Word of support – YEA Work (out) – SUSS __ base – FAN __ paint – SPRAY