Trivia Star Answers

Trivia Star Answers to All Levels

Countless hours have been spent solving the Trivia Star Answers and Solutions to help guide you through this one tough cookie. Trivia Star: Trivia Games Quiz is trending now on the App Store and is ready to be installed by you. Created by Super Lucky Games, Same developers behind Word Forest and Word Collect.

There’s 1000’s of levels and over 500 bonus coins to earn. Crawl your way across this word trivia game. This is time to train your brain with rather addicting puzzles from over 60+ Categories. Including food, celebrities, animals, sports, music, movies, TV Shows, brands and general knowledge.

If you struggle to find a particular answer you can use your coins in game or come to AppAnswering to get your answers. Time to stop this nonsense and dive into the Trivia Star Solutions and Cheats.

Trivia Star Answers

Disney Pack:

Level 1: Mulan
Level 2: Mice
Level 3: 101 Dalmatians
Level 4: Aladdin

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