Are you after the Universal Crossword Answers – Saturday September 28 2019 and Solutions, Cheats and Solutions? We come to you and bring you the full walkthrough game guide to help you solve these tricky and fun game solutions.

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Here’s the Universal Crossword Answers – Saturday September 28 2019 and Solutions Walkthrough game guide, Solutions and Cheats below.

Here are the answers to Universal Crossword puzzles Saturday September 28, 2019. “Country Music” director Burns – KEN “Dark Phoenix” actor Peters – EVAN “Fingers crossed” – IHOPE “I get it!” – AHA “It’ll cure what ___ you” – AILS “The Dick Van Dyke Show” surname – PETRIE “___ sure be nice” – ITD A and Z, for the alphabet – ENDS Actress Kristen – WIIG Asked too much of someone? – PRIED Astros’ MLB division – ALWEST Bad thing to do on a resume – LIE Beyonce voiced one in 2019 – LION Blue, in Bolivia – AZUL Boxer Muhammad – ALI Century divisions – DECADES Chaotic place – ZOO Coffee dispenser? – BARISTA Defamation in print – LIBEL Einstein’s first name – ALBERT Fancy fish – KOI Former name of Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan – ASTANA Geometry pioneer – EUCLID Get ready to compete – TRAIN Golden raisins – SULTANAS Greek sandwich – GYRO Hang around too long – LOITER Hatchback, for one – CAR Jamaica’s official lang – ENG Jogging, say – ONARUN Lao-___ – TSE Late author Morrison – TONI Leafy salad veggies – ENDIVES Like some fan fiction – EROTIC Lyft driver’s guess, briefly – ETA Metal piece with two projections – WINGNUT Network aptly hidden in “nonprofit” – NPR Ohio Valley native – SHAWNEE Oolong and others – TEAS Clues – Answers Part of NEA: Abbr – EDUC Place to get a facial – SPA Psychic power, briefly – ESP Rotten to the core – EVIL Rower’s need – OAR Russians, once – SOVIETS Sailor’s shout – LANDHO Sandwiches with small buns – SLIDERS Scottish “not” – NAE See 17-Across – DAIQUIRI See 24-Across – NEVADA See 54-Across – OVER See 63-Across – BYZERO Sequoia support – TRUNK Sequoia support – ROOT Sheriffs’ assistants – DEPUTIES Shifty – EVASIVE Sine ___ non – QUA Six, in Spanish – SEIS Sixth sequel’s tag – PARTVII Sully – TAINT Temporary vehicle – LOANER Three, in Italian – TRE Tolkien trilogy, for short – LOTR Torch type – TIKI Transmitted – SENT Two-part – DUAL Unshackles, say – LOOSES Urgent care figures, informally – ERDOCS Used as a foundation – BUILTON Walk-___ (some customers) – INS Water heater, e.g – TANK What’s not in rebuses? – KNOT With 18-Across, tropical cocktail – BANANA With 26-Across, city north of Lake Tahoe – RENO With 57-Across, “We’re doomed!” – ITSALL With 65-Across, mathematical impossibility seen across each other pair of linked answers – DIVISION ___ and flows – EBBS ___ Perce – NEZ