Are you after the Universal Crossword Answers – Wednesday October 30 2019 and Solutions, Cheats and Solutions? We come to you and bring you the full walkthrough game guide to help you solve these tricky and fun game solutions.

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Here’s the Universal Crossword Answers – Wednesday October 30 2019 and Solutions Walkthrough game guide, Solutions and Cheats below.

Here are the answers to Universal Crossword puzzles Wednesday October 30, 2019. ‘Kinda sorta’ – ISH ‘No lie!’ – HONEST ‘Sorry!’ – PARDONME ‘Trick’ used by the creatures found in rows 3, 5, 11 and 13 – CAMOUFLAGE 2017 Disney/Pixar film set in the Land of the Dead – COCO Air-conditioning coolant – FREON Amorous guy – ROMEO Aspiring prof, maybe – POSTDOC Astronomer who first observed Saturn’s rings – GALILEO Attends without a date, say – GOESSTAG Ball ___ (play area) – PIT Ballet moves – LEAPS Bird known for its plumes – EGRET Bit of scuba equipment – FIN Bunk bed option – TOP Caveman’s weapon – SPEAR Celebrity gossip site – EONLINE Checklist heading – TODO Colombian coins – PESOS Contributes a little – CHIPSIN Dog on the yellow brick road – TOTO Feature of ‘G’day’ or ‘Yes’m’ – ELISION Film critic Kael – PAULINE Fishing basket – CREEL Fluency-building subj – ESL Fortnite devotee, e.g – GAMER French white sauce – BECHAMEL Fund-raising letter, e.g – PLEA Gas thief’s device – SIPHON Genre for Fall Out Boy – EMO Girl in a bonnet, maybe – LASS Haberdasher’s accessory – TIECLIP Helps – AIDS High-pH compound – ALKALI Infant’s ailment – CROUP Island with volcanoes and rice paddies – BALI It sticks to a trunk – SAP Key near Ctrl – ALT Late-night Starbucks choice – DECAF Leaves at the library? – PAGES Like some peppers and ballot boxes – STUFFED Clues – Answers Longtime Apple program whose icon featured a camera – IPHOTO Michael who directed ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ – MOORE Michelle Wie’s org – LPGA Mine cart filler – ORE Modern dance move – DAB Muse of history – CLIO Musical finale – CODA Neighbors of Poles – CZECHS No more than – ATMOST Not recognizable by – ALIENTO Numbered composition – OPUS Omen – SIGN One may have a black eye – PEA One might say ‘Welcome’ – DOORMAT Org. that recognizes nearly 200 breeds – AKC Painter of melting pocket watches – DALI Part of Verizon Media – AOL Parties, e.g., for D.J.s – GIGS Passionate about – INTO Place to find a driver – PROSHOP Place to hibernate – DEN Polo shirt brand – LACOSTE Repetition of words at the starts of successive phrases, in rhetoric – ANAPHORA Scoundrels – CADS Sea ___ (tide pool dweller) – ANEMONE Shorts go-with – TEE Some diaper changers – DADS Something to debate – ISSUE Spiky yet soothing plant – ALOE Stadium ticket info – SECTION Stick up – ROB Stick-to-it-iveness – GRIT Strong desire – URGE Tack (on) – ADD Targets for some eye makeup – LIDS The ‘Z’ of ZIP code – ZONE The Beatles’ ‘Back in the ___’ – USSR Tough – HARD Use, as a mattress – LIEON ___-surf (Google yourself) – EGO