Unlocked: A Phone’s Journey Walkthrough

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Unlocked – A Phone’s Journey Walkthrough All Parts and Levels. Today we’re taking a look at the new adventure game by FaintLines, Same developers behind the hit game, Peek a Phone. Unlocked Walkthrough All Levels is what we will be solving today and bringing to you.

Created by the geniuses behind Salesforce, These developers sure do know how to create something engaging and entertaining. Download the game for free from the Play Store and iTunes App Store Unlocked: A Phone’s Journey – Apps on Google Play.

Your one mission is to find the owner of a phone you found at your table which was left there when you went to the restroom at a bar. You ask around and find out the owner of the phone quickly game in and out leaving just this mysterious phone in the middle of your table.

Do you think you have what it takes to return the phone to the owner? Join us below in what is quite an interesting tale.

Unlocked: A Phone’s Journey Walkthrough

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