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Here’s the USA Today Crossword Answers – Monday September 30 2019 and Solutions Walkthrough game guide, Solutions and Cheats below.

Here are the answers to USA Today Crossword puzzles Monday September 30, 2019. Therefore,’ to a logician – ERGO 1969 moonwalker Bean – ALAN Accepting customers – OPEN Ad agency department – ART Affairs with crumpets – TEAS Any of three in ‘hijinks’ – DOT Architect who lived to 102 – IMPEI Autumn air quality – NIP Baby shower offering – GIFT Beer hall vessel – STEIN Blunted blade – EPEE Cancellation marks – XES Cheerios unit – BOX Chowed down – ATE College freshman, usually – TEEN Collette with a 2009 Emmy – TONI Confessor’s list – SINS Delaware’s nickname, or a hint to 17-, 23-, and 54-Across – FIRSTSTATE Disastrous end – DOOM Disc golf shot – TOSS Dristan competitor – SUDAFED Easily cashed holdings – LIQUIDASSETS Either of Dumbo’s flappers – EAR Emcees’ lines – INTROS Enemies of the Sith – JEDI Find detestable – ABOMINATE Fire off – SEND Fleet-footed Aussies – EMUS Got some sack time – SLEPT He ‘says,’ in a game – SIMON Herb in sausage – SAGE High-protein bean – SOYA Hog the conversation – GAB How a recluse lives – ALONE Impulse-transmitting cell – NEURON It may begin with ‘Because . . .’ – REASON It needs frequent fill-ups – GASGUZZLER Jack topper – QUEEN Kitchen range part – STOVE Clues – Answers Knights, bishops et al – PIECES Landowner’s paper – DEED Lawn repair roll – SOD Like a short play – ONEACT Lobster-producing state – MAINE Made less squeaky – OILED Make certain – ENSURE Make diet-friendly – DEFAT More festive – MERRIER Nail job, briefly – MANI Neutral area, for short – DMZ Organs in sockets – EYES Person of sound character – SOLIDCITIZEN Places to check balances, briefly – ATMS Retort to ‘Ain’t!’ – ITISSO Rhymester of the ring – ALI Rides with circus music – CAROUSELS Ridged fabric – SERGE School with King’s Scholars – ETON Scottish cattle breed – ANGUS See 68-Across – OVER Selfish child’s cry – MINE Sheriff Andy’s boy – OPIE Shirts shot from cannons – TEES Tablet debuting in 2010 – IPAD Take effect – SETIN The Onion’s genre – SATIRE To whom souls are sold – SATAN Treadmill pace – JOG Tunnel of love vehicle – BOAT Utah’s state gem – TOPAZ Vichyssoise veggies – LEEKS Was in attendance – CAME Wasp’s home – NEST Wearying load – ONUS With 37-Down, faint dead away – KEEL Without a break – ONEND Woody Allen title role – ZELIG ___ fail (disaster) – EPIC