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Here’s the USA Today Crossword Answers – Saturday September 28 2019 and Solutions Walkthrough game guide, Solutions and Cheats below.

Here are the answers to USA Today Crossword puzzles Saturday September 28, 2019. ‘Buenos Aires’ musical – EVITA ‘Maude’ star – BEAARTHUR ‘___ Girls’ (Gene Kelly movie) – LES ‘___ you nuts?’ – ARE 2-Down is a unit of it – AREA 53-calorie cookie – OREO After a bit – LATERON Afternoon break, perhaps – NAP Applies gently – DABS Backs out of, with ‘on’ – RENEGES Best man’s brother, perhaps – GROOM Big name in PCs – DELL Bring to naught – UNDO Brooklyn’s ___ Institute – PRATT Capital southwest of Zurich – BERN Cause anger, in a way – HITANERVE Class for aspiring painters – ARTLESSON Dogpatch’s Daisy ___ – MAE Draw out – EDUCE Dreaded mosquito – AEDES Edgar who painted dancers – DEGAS Elbow-benders – SOTS ER hookups – IVS Falco of ‘Horace and Pete’ – EDIE Farm team’s coupler – YOKE File folder feature – TAB Fleeced females – EWES Give a hoot – CARE Guinness of ‘Star Wars’ – ALEC Hat-removing blast, perhaps – GUST Have a feeling – SENSE Hockey fake-out – DEKE Hoppy kind of 30-Down – ALE How vichyssoise is typically served – COLD In a big way – ALOT In a tizzy – MANIC iPad assistant – SIRI Is decked out in – HASON Clues – Answers Jiggly dessert since 1897 – JELLO Judge’s cry – ORDER Laryngologist’s request – SAYAH Leave wide-eyed – AWE Lenders’ securities – LIENS Like a mamba’s bite, often – LETHAL Messy Airbnb guest – SLOB Music for a movie – SCORE Needing sharpening – DULL Nose wrinkler – ODOR Pinkett Smith of ‘Bad Moms’ – JADA Pork or beef cut – LOIN Pre-holiday time – EVE Pribilof Islands native – ALEUT Pub crawl drink – BEER Purplish bloom – ASTER Rafael, ‘The King of Clay’ – NADAL Really tick off – RILE Render worthless – VOID Rock that’s ‘fracked’ – SHALE RPM indicators – TACHS Serving two purposes – DUAL Skater-turned-actress Sonja – HENIE Slushy beverage brand – ICEE Speak like Daffy Duck – LISP Specialty crafts retailer – JOANN Spelunkers’ hangouts – CAVES Supermodel nicknamed ‘The Body’ – ELLEMACPHERSON Taiwanese competitor of 6-Across – ACER The original Tonto – JAYSILVERHEELS Twisted Sister’s frontman – DEESNIDER Upscale Honda – ACURA Vegemite ingredient – YEAST Vineyard measure – ACRE Washrooms, briefly – LAVS Wipe clean – ERASE Zipper alternative – VELCRO [see other side] – OVER