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What a Terrible Idea Crossword Clue Answers

Starting off with the What a Terrible Idea Crossword Clue Answers. This is the answer game guide to help you solve this crossword. We’ve taken the time to solve the answers and bring you the full walkthrough game guide.

Whether you’re here for the That’s a terrible, terrible idea or the What a Terrible Idea. We’ve got the whole list of answers to help you through this super tough puzzle. Crosswords have been enjoyed for centuries with it’s simplistic gameplay and a great way to keep your brain ticking. Ready to find out what the What a Terrible Idea Crossword Answers are? Scroll down.

What a Terrible Idea Answers

BAH Across”What a terrible idea!”
OH GOD NO “That’s a terrible, terrible idea!”
ALAS “What a terrible situation!”
IM SO SORRY “What a terrible shame”
THE IDEA “What a terrible suggestion!”
AFORESAID Terrible idea so far previously mentioned (9)
I THINK NOT “Terrible idea”
ACORN What a painful thing to find it growing on a tree! (5)
TENDER What a painful offer to make! (6)
LIBELLED What was a terrible slur to have fibbed about what’s on your bike (8)
RELOAD It’s a terrible ordeal to put a new film into a camera
SCAR What 28D has on her face following a terrible accident with a tanning machine in Hollyoaks (4)
DOGS DINNER A terrible mess follows a meal (4,6)
ANGUISH Terrible pain suing a terrible hospital
AGE ONE What precedes a terrible period?
WASTE “A mind is a terrible thing to ___”
TURRET SHELL Tower’s a terrible place for a mollusc
BLEW What the wind did in a terrible way
NIGHT A black time is a terrible thing
U N C F “A mind is a terrible thing to waste” org.

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