Word Tile Puzzle answers

Word Tile Puzzle Answers All Levels and Solutions

Sick of all school word games? Try out Word Tile Puzzle Answers All Levels. Created by the puzzles geniuses themselves at Hi Studio Limited, This is the ultimate word puzzle game. This game is an innovative word search puzzle game that is completely free, That’s right, Not a single cent is needed to play this one.

If you’re sporting an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or an Android device you can head straight on over to the App Stores Word Tile Puzzle: Brain Training & Free Word Games – Apps on Google Play or download it using the link.

Yes we’re giving you solutions to Word Tile Puzzle and provide them free for you however Hi Studio Limited words really hard on their games and if you can support them by purchasing in-app purchases please do so. Your support means more great word puzzles games will come your way.

These guys brought us Word Serenity, The biggest word game out there and now they’re bringing the newest game, Word Tile Puzzle Answers to us which features over 10,000+ puzzles to play which mean unique gameplay and an endless supply of fun.

It’s time to switch that brain on and start exploring the world of words. Simply tap to build words and crush tiles to solve all the puzzles, This is a relaxing game so kick up your feet and enjoy yourself. Ready to jump into the Word Tile Puzzle Solutions and Cheats to all levels and packs?

Word Tile Puzzle Answers All Levels and Solutions

Level 1: Colors: Purple, Green
Level 2: Black and White: Penguin, Tuxedo, Skunk
Level 3: From Eggs: Snake, Turtle, Ostrich
Level 4: Months: April, August, October, January, December
Level 5: Ice Cream Toppings: Pecan, Cereal, Fruit, Syrup, Sprinkle, Cocoa

Level 6: Food with Grain: Dumpling, Porridge, Sandwich, Doughnut, Pancake, Sushi
Level 7: Titles of People: Princess, Governor, Chief, Judge, Captain
Level 8: The Nose Knows: Aroma, Smell, Fragrance, Sneeze, Sense, Sniff
Level 9: Baby Animals: Duckling, Puppy, Chick, Tadpole
Level 10: People in Hospitals: Doctor, Nurse, Surgeon, Patient, Visitor

Level 11: Fattening Food: Sweet, Brownie, Waffle, Chocolate, Butter, Pizza
Level 12: Sandwich Fillings: Cheese, Bacon, Turkey, Tomato, Salami, Pastrami

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