Wordelicious Answers

Wordelicious Answers All Levels and Solutions

Wordelicious Answers All Levels. We bring you the full walkthrough game guide for Wordelicious for both iOS and Android devices. Created by Murka Games Limited, This is one of a kind puzzle word game that is truly one that stands out from the pack. If you haven’t already head on over to the App Stores now and download the game for free.

Are you bored this pandemic and need something to cure the boredom? Check out this game, Created by the slots geniuses of the app world this is a great game for anyone whos bored and hungry. Each pack will give you a unique recipe to feast your eyes on. This is a simplistic game that can be played offline and anywhere. You’ll travel many countries as you connect letters and experience their cuisine.

Wordelicious Answers All Levels

Wordelicious Carbonara Pack

Level 1: At, Hat
Level 2: For, Of
Level 3: Ten, Net
Level 4: Hit, Hi, It
Level 5: On, No, Or, Nor

Wordelicious Caprese Pack

Level 6: Done, One, End
Level 7: Dear, Read, Red
Level 8: Now, Snow, Won, Sow, Own
Level 9: Rare, Are, Ear, Era
Level 10: Lamp, Palm, Map

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