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Yale Alum in Slang Crossword Clue Answers

We shall be visiting the Yale Alum in Slang Crossword Clue Answers. Today we’ve taken the time to help you solve this tricky puzzler. The answer to Yale Alum in Slang Crossword is Elis. We’ll discuss further answers and why this is the solution below.

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Yale Alum in Slang Crossword Clue Answers

ELIS Yale graduates, slangily
ELI Yale graduate
RODHAM Noted surname among 1973 Yale Law graduates
ELIHU Yale of Yale University fame
LEI Yale who endowed Yale
A N E “Gimme ___!” (end of a Yale cheer)
BOOLA “Yale ___” (1901 song)
HAND ELS MUSIC SOUNDED 18TH CENTURY: Yale University founded…: 3 wds.
BIBLE BELT Business attire at Yale Divinity School?
C E E Bush’s Yale average
IVIES Common vines at Harvard and Yale
ALUM Dubya, to Yale
L A R Y Football Hall-of-Famer Yale ___
ALMA MATER George Bush’s was Yale
RIVALS Harvard and Yale, e.g.
U N I V Harvard or Yale (abbr.)
UNIV S Harvard, Yale, etc. (abbr.)
IVY Harvard or Yale
ALUMNA Hillary, vis-a-vis Yale
NATHAN HALE His statue is on the Yale campus


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