Figgerits Level 111 Answers

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Figgerits Level 111 Answers by Hitapps. We’re bringing you the Figgerits Level 111 Answers and Solutions and full walkthrough game guide to help you solve these fun brain teasers. Figgerits is the perfect problem solving game that features logic puzzles and brain teasers.

The game is a cross logic and word game that will truly test your brain power. Solve the puzzles and advanced to the next level. The levels are mixed so use our game search here and find the correct answer fast. You can download Figgerits from the iOS and or Android Play Store for free. Let’s jump into the solutions and start solving these answers now.

Figgerits Level 111 Answers


Definitions and Words

__ we go again
To rip apart to sever
(adj.) The punishment was ___ than he expected
(past tense) To do very well to excel
The shot to prevent a disease

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