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Hidwoods 2 Addon for Minecraft PE Download

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Download Hidwoods 2 Addon for Minecraft PE and enjoy a whole new experience for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Have you gotten bored of the Minecraft PE and want ore of a challenge? Look no further than the Hidwoods II Addon for MCPE.

Version: MCPE 0.14.0 – 1.18.2 for Android

MCPE Hidwoods 2 Addon

That’s a whole new of new things that have been added to Minecraft PE from the Hidwoods 2 Addon which is created by Tomaxed44. This addon has full support for MCPE and brings naturally generated structures, new items and blocks.

New Entities

These are the new entities that have been added using the Hidwoods 2 Addon for MCPE.

1. Acrilon
2. Aurasson
3. Crisha
4. Croarder
5. Doko Egg
6. Doko
7. Droz
8. Elder Thozac Protector
9. Glubo
10. Hidew plant
11. Kobu
12. Landing Pod
13. Licamas
14. Mahoss
15. Midlin Cage
16. Midlin
17. Mids Minion
18. Mids
19. Okrossa
20. Phacret
21. Phy
22. Pile Of Zathyst
23. Poisharp
24. Poisonnous Snail
25. Rackodo
26. Tiny Midlin
27. Sate Totem
28. Seurod
29. Small Midlin
30. Snail
31. Taorec
32. Thozac Protector
33. Group of torcites
34. torcite’s Hive
35. Torcite
36. Wufloo


Hidwoods 2 Furniture

Not just new creatures but new furniture which include,

1. Armchair
2. Bench
3. Big Flower Pot
4. Coffee Table
5. Desk Chair
6. Floating Chair
7. Metallic Chair
8. Stool
9. Wooden Chair
10. Wooden Table

New Items

With a whole ton of new items added to the game, The best way to truly take it all in is to download the addon using the link below.

Hidwoods 2 Addon for Minecraft PE Download

Hidwoods 2 Addon
Version: 1.14.0 – 1.18.2


How to install the Hidwoods 2 Addon?

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).

What's Minecraft Bedrock?

The new engine that Minecraft PE runs on.


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