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Mutant Creatures Mod for Minecraft PE Download

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Download Mutant Creatures Mod for Minecraft PE and really put yourself to the test with these very dangerous mobs and dangerous monsters. Have you always wanted a challenge when it comes to Minecraft Bedrock Edition? Try the Mutant Creatures mod for MCPE.

Version: MCPE 0.14.0 – 1.18.2 for Android

MCPE Mutant Creatures Mod

This Minecraft PE hack adds 9 frightening yet still fun mobs to the game. They will all try to kill you. They are powerful, so be cautious.

Armor and a diamond sword should be made. Building an iron golem would be better for you.


In Minecraft PE, there are two new zombie varieties. Throughout the game, you’ll be accompanied by a mutant husk and a mutant zombie.

The most impressive aspect of this mod is that everyone now has stages, just like bosses in other games. During a combat with a mutant zombie, for example, it will summon its minions to challenge you.

This mutant also has 130 hearts, therefore defeating it will take more than 20 diamond sword strokes.

In MCPE, a mutant husk behaves similarly.


Mobs that were once charming now appear to be terribly terrifying. It’s a nightmare because of the lengthy limbs and long neck.

Obviously, these creepers are now causing greater environmental damage.

Its explosions are more powerful and dangerous. They aren’t terrified of cats, by the way. So, in Minecraft PE, your little companions won’t be able to stop them.

The HP of a mutant creeper is 180.


Bone clusters have always been deadly to players, but they’ve only become better lately. They hunt wolves they used to be afraid of by shooting five arrows at once.

Strays and mutated skeletons go through two stages. They’ll start blasting TNT missiles in the second one. In Minecraft PE, these new skeletons now have 120 health points.

Additionally, nether skeletons have been upgraded. They received a large new weapon that can deliver a lot of harm.

They are also more durable than their overworld counterparts, at 130 HP.

Other gangs

Apart from that, it has mutated wolves, pigmen, and even drowned. Only the most recent MCPE versions have a mutant drowned.

Tip: New dogs can be tamed and ridden like horses!

Mutant Creatures Mod for Minecraft PE Download

Mutant Creatures Mod
Version: 1.14.0 – 1.18.2


How many HP does a Mutated Wolf Have?

The tamed wolf has 130 HP where as a normal one has 80

I can't find any mutant creatures?

They don't have a high spawn rate, keep looking.


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