Wordington Level 118 Answers [Emma’s Picnic]

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Wordington Level 118 Answers Emma’s Picnic Solutions and Walkthrough game guide. Help Emma renovate her Grandpas lovely old mansion as you follow her story to bring this old manor back together. Gathering all the possible Wordington Level 118 Answers and Solutions as we bring you all off the correct solutions to Wordington Emma’s Picnic. Are you currently struggling to answers the game? Using our guide below, You’ll have no issues jumping to the next level.

Your job in-game is to solve crossword puzzles and progress in the story. Each correct crossword puzzle that is solved will unlock new chapters and rooms to renovate and decorate to your hearts contempt. With adventures around every turn with even a little romance, Wordington is a game that will impress. Discover the story and all the secrets as you meet Pizza David, Handyman Bob and many more.

This old mansion is in serious need of a makeover, Can you solve the puzzles to fix it?

Wordington Level 118 Answers

4 Letter Answers: ALLY, LILT, LILY, TALL, TILL, VIAL
5 Letter Answers: LAITY, VILLA, VITAL
6 Letter Answer: TAIL

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